Filey FAQ

Will your app make a full backup of my store?

No. Filey is capable of doing backups for your store assets (files stored in the "Content -> Files" admin section), and product assets (product images, videos and 3D-models)

Do you still need a backup app if you have Filey?

Filey makes a backup only for files stored in the "Content -> Files" admin section, plus product images/assets/videos/3d models. Everything else has to be backed up using other backup apps.

Where do the backups get stored?

The backups get downloaded to your device right after clicking the download button.

How can I download the files using Filey?

Open the Filey app and click 'Download files.' That's it!

Does Filey back up all the product description data as well?

Filey makes a backup for product images only.

Does Filey store any sensitive information?

Filey doesn't store any information related to the downloaded files. We store only basic user information for the authentication. Read more in our Privacy Policy page

I can't seem to download any files. The progression bar is stuck. What can I do?

It looks like your store contains too many files for Shopify to process. Unfortunately, our app is stuck with Shopify limitations at this point, and we can't download your files. Our team will still try helping you to download your files manually, so please, contact us at

I have downloaded my store files, but I'm not allowed to upload more than 50MB on Shopify. How do I solve that?

You have to unzip the archive before uploading the files. Shopify's 'Settings -> Files' directory doesn't allow uploading all files using one archive, so you have to unzip the archive and upload all the files from the unzipped folder.

Can I use Filey like rewind, to back up all the data on my store with a weekly auto back up?

Filey does not offer a weekly auto back up feature. The app allows you to download the files in the app interface only.


Filey has a 5.0 star rating on Shopify

Perfect, saved a lot of time and headache. Easy installation, no website bloat, and dead simple to use.
Relyk Apparel
After installing the application, I was immediately offered to download all the files. It was really fast and easy. Thank you!
Tattoo Armrest Workshop
AWESOME, downloaded 1.5GB shopify site in 5 minutes. All possible issues that would prevent the app from working seem to have been resolved by the developer.
Amazing app! Literally downloads all files in a click of a button! (Store files are default and you can select whether you want to download product files as well)
Exported my photos in my files quick status. and it's free what more can you ask for? Using this text to hit minimum.
Iron Lion Soap
I mean it does exactly what it says it does. When you open the zip file, all your product files are in nice little folders titled with the name of the product. Very clean. Shopify really should have this built in
Cottage Kore

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