Export your Shopify store files from the "Content -> Files" admin section, export product images, and videos in one click

Filey is a free Shopify application that allows Shopify store owners to:

- Copy/transfer your store files
- Export brand assets and documents
- Export product images, videos, and 3D models
- Make a backup of your store files

Filey will let you download all files from the "Content -> Files" admin section in a zip archive, keeping all the file names.

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Filey has a 5.0 star rating on Shopify

Perfect, saved a lot of time and headache. Easy installation, no website bloat, and dead simple to use.
Relyk Apparel
After installing the application, I was immediately offered to download all the files. It was really fast and easy. Thank you!
Tattoo Armrest Workshop
AWESOME, downloaded 1.5GB shopify site in 5 minutes. All possible issues that would prevent the app from working seem to have been resolved by the developer.
Amazing app! Literally downloads all files in a click of a button! (Store files are default and you can select whether you want to download product files as well)
Exported my photos in my files quick status. and it's free what more can you ask for? Using this text to hit minimum.
Iron Lion Soap
I mean it does exactly what it says it does. When you open the zip file, all your product files are in nice little folders titled with the name of the product. Very clean. Shopify really should have this built in
Cottage Kore

Download your files with Filey

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