Our update on Shopify & Google Analytics 4 integration issues

July 26, 2023

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Lately, many Shopify stores have experienced issues with huge data discrepancies between GA4 and Shopify Analytics. I've been connected to the Shopify team in the last few weeks and can answer a few questions related to this.

- Shopify and Google are still working on making the GA4 integration through the Google & YouTube sales channel work flawlessly. We have to wait until it gets stable

- It is fine if you're getting about a 15% discrepancy between GA4 and Shopify Analytics data, and there are no actions you can take at the moment to make it better

- In case you have a very big difference in the Shopify and GA4 data (>25%) - please, reach out to the Shopify team, and let them know about the issue. Some of the Shopify support agents are still not aware of the issue, so that they may send you to the Google support team, but you have to ask them to escalate with the development teams. Usually, it helps.

In case you still have issues - feel free to reach out to us, and we will help you understand the issue and fix it 👍

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