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We managed to create a plan and develop a solid Shopify custom theme within 2 months for Antinol.

Antinol is a global pet-care brand from the VetzPetz family founded in London, United Kingdom. It is an online store and retailer of natural joint health supplements to help maintain healthy joints and mobility in dogs and cats.

What we've done

1. Shopify theme development scope planning and adjusting.

2. Shopify theme development and optimization

3. Custom subscription module development.

4. User flow automatization.

5. Help with going live internationally.

We've got work to do

Antinol team needed us to develop a custom Shopify theme for them from scratch. They had short “startup” deadlines, so we had to start right away.

Also, they wanted us to create a unique experience for their customers on the product page and on the account page. Antinol has lots of veternarian partners across the world, who earn the commission from referred customers. So we had to split the user experience into separate Pet owner and Vet experiences.

They already had a Figma design for the new Shopify theme, so we scoped out the project, and started working.

Antinol team asked us to build

— A high-quality custom Shopify theme.

— Completely custom user portal, that allows partners to invite new referrals, track their total commission, and change the payout settings; create separate unique experiences for Pet owners, and Vets.

— Custom reviews modules, that will integrate into the design.

— Custom Recharge product subscription module, that will walk users through the subscription process, and will recommend the best product for their pets.

As promised, we finished the Shopify theme MVP in 1.5 months, and went live.

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