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Bearco is a French Apparel & Clothing reseller located in Paris.

We made a complete website redesign, integrated advanced sales performance tools, created custom shopify apps for marketplaces integrations and custom reporting.

What we've done

1. Created a completely new and fresh website look.

2. Integrated Netrivals price tracking tool for better sales performance.

3. Integrated Zalando marketplace.

4. Integrated Kaufland marketplace.

5. Made a custom Google Merchant Center integration.

Antinol team asked us to build

— A custom repricing system that will allow them to be ahead of their competitors in the worldwide market.

— Integration tools for Kaufland and Zalando marketplaces

— Completely new website design that will make it look fresh, stylish, and that will make user flow clear from a UX standpoint

Building a custom repricing system was our first project at Bearco. We had to use a Netrivals price tracking tool API to take information about competitor product prices around the globe. Website had more than 10000 SKUs, and we had to update their price every hour, so we had to build a high-performance system that will allow us to make frequent changes to product prices. In addition to that, we had to build a custom Google Merchant Center module, that was sending the updated product info every hour. We successfully pushed this project live, and were impressed with the results.

Two other projects we made for Bearco were Kaufland and Zalando marketplace integrations. We've built two systems which were capable of sending product info updates to the marketplace, sync the incoming orders from marketplaces to Shopify, send order status updates between systems, and manage cancelations/refunds.

Our final project was complete website redesign. We put our main efforts into making website navigation&search convenient for the customer, and made the website look and feel as a luxurious fashion brand.

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