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Summary is a leading online thrift store hosted on Shopify.

Initially, they invited our team to create a custom reporting tool for KPIs, but so soon we moved to full-time cooperation to develop custom theme functionalities, apps, and experiences.

The Project

1. Redesign the Homepage, PDP, and PLP layouts. Create sections with customized experiences and integrations.

2. Redesign the cart and add a cross-sell functionality to it.

3. Create a custom Replacements & Returns WebService that allows customers to process their requests automatically, without the Customer Service involvement.

4. Create a completely custom app to create and manage products in bundles.

5. Create a way for a marketing team to create custom landing pages using the Shopify interface.6. Perform various integrations for analytics, customer service, marketing, and others.

We've got work to do

1. Our team rebuilt the majority of pages and experiences at Goodfair. New sections were rebuilt, so the marketing team can modify them without any issues and without the engineering team.

2. The cart was redesigned and received new "You're %X away from a fee shipping" and products cross-Sell functionality. Making these two functionalities to work together increased AOV by 15%.

3. We created a custom Replacements & Returns flow that uses information about bundles. It allows users to replace/return specific items from the bundles they've bought.

4. We created a completely custom Bundles app that is more stable than apps available on the market and allows the team to request new features easily. Also, it allows us to integrate it into different services and applications.

5. Using Online Store 2.0 functionality, we created a possibility for the marketing team to create fully custom Shopify landing pages using a theme customizer.

6. We have integrated various different tools: Klaviyo custom forms and backordering, Heap analytics, Google Optimize A/B testing for new features, and many others.

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