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We have been employing Alex Mashkovtsev and his team for more than a year and they have done exemplary work for us. The initial scope of work was oriented around a few odd projects but has quickly escalated to the point that Alex and his team lead ALL Goodfair’s engineering efforts, both on Shopify and beyond.

Alex has led all of our engineering efforts, building out our own customer Shopify applications to remove reliance on 3rd parties, developing beautiful custom landing pages, and has owned our complete website redesign and checkout flow, which has since boosted conversion and AOV by 10%.

Communication also is never a problem. Alex’s conversational and written English is superb, and even though our timezones are quite different (PST vs GMT+3), he is always online when needed and responds in a timely manner. We have Alex & his team integrated deeply within our Slack and they have no issues unblocking other cross-functional teams.

I’m excited to continue working with Alex & Infinite Solutions and would recommend them for any Shopify stores that need engineering.
It's a pleasure to work with Infinite Solutions team. Everyone was very responsive and communicates very effectively, which is so important in managing projects. They are also able to provide range of different service, which is great. Would totally recommend Infinite Solutions to everyone.
Alex is a highly skilled, technical and capable operator. Knows his business and knows the technology.

Infinite Solutions is highly recommended for strong communication and cooperation.

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